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Grupo Werthein and Seaborn Networks agreed to build a new submarine fiber optic cable connecting Argentina with Brazil, which will subsequently provide connectivity to the United States. The importance of this new route lies in the fact that 16 years have passed since the last fiber optic cable to Brazil was built. It will be known as the ARBR cable and will be Argentina’s first independent submarine cable.

The cable will be constructed by SeabornNetworks, an independent leader in the development and operation of submarine cables, and will cover the stretch between Praia Grande (Brazil) and Las Toninas (Argentina). This cable will have a direct connection with the Seabras-1 cable, which was recently built by Seaborn between New Jersey (USA) and Praia Grande (Brazil), stretching over 11,000 km down the Atlantic Ocean and requiring an investment of over 500 million dollars.

The ABBR cable will require an investment of over 50 million dollars and will represent a strategic landmark in Argentina’s communications with the rest of the world.

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