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We are an Argentine Company that invests in projects related to the high quality Wine Industry.

Our undertakings aim to satisfy the global demand of wine experts, through the creation of one of a kind bottles, created in the best soils and made in our high tech cellar.

The vast trajectory of the Werthein Group, teamed up with highly experienced wine professionals led by the Hernandez Toso brothers, make of this union a strategic alliance of great projection.

Current Portfolio:

Riglos: We create unforgettable wines originated in our estate “Finca Las Divas”, located in Gualtallary, Valle de Uco, Mendoza. Our deep and elegant wines, have been recognized by acclaimed international critics.

Huarpe: From our vineyard in Agrelo, Mendoza, we offer blends and varietals with a fruit flavor and a fresh taste, created at the foot of the Andes with profound respect for our environment.

Real Estate

The Group, either through its own companies or in conjunction with other groups, has developed more than 330,000 square meters in a variety of real estate development projects. Noteworthy projects include the Torres de Figueroa Alcorta in Bajo Belgrano, Altos Porteños in the neighborhood of San Cristóbal, and Libertador and Paroissien in Núñez, all in the City of Buenos Aires, and the La Damasia neighborhood 24 in San Fernando, province of Buenos Aires. Furthermore, they took part in the construction of condominiums abroad, in the states of New York and Massachusetts.

Business activities conducted by the Werthein family throughout its history:

  • YPF Agent, 1930s
  • Banco Nación Branch, 1940s
  • Import, Distribution and Sale of Ford Trucks (Canada), 1940s
  • Gregorio and Numo Werthein Imports, 1950s
  • Ford Motor Company Dealer, 1950s
  • Hanomag Tractor Agent, 1950s
  • Werthein Nurseries, 1950s
  • El Hogar Argentino Bank, 1950s
  • La Defensa Insurance Company, 1960s
  • Dumont Television Manufacturer, 1960s
  • Banco Mercantil Argentino, 1960s
  • Sales and Distribution of Camiones Federal, 1960s
  • Citrex, Valley Evaporating Company and Tucumán Citrus (fruit processing plants in Yakima, Washington, USA; in Misiones, Tucumán, Formosa and Cipolletti, 1970s
  • Pricuz (citric industry in Israel), 1970s
  • Finca Flichman Winery, 1980s
  • Partners in the CEI (Citicorp Equity Investments) investment fund, 1990s
  • Share in Finca Sophenia, 2000s
  • Partner in the Standard Bank Argentina, 2000s
  • La Caja, 1994-2015
Experta Seguros La Estrella Cacamai Gregorio, Numo y Noel Werthein El Capricho A