Werthein Group

Argentine Business Group

Consumo Masivo

Mass Consumption

The Werthein Group competes in the natural tea and yerba mate market under two very well-known brands. The Group got its start in this industry in 2005 when it acquired Cachay S.A., which owns Cachamai, a traditional herbal tea and yerba mate brand. In January 2012, Cachay S.A. acquired Té José, which was already well positioned in the gourmet tea market.

Cachamai: This leading herbal tea brand has been sold on the local market for 50 years. The company's flavored yerba mate is sold under the Cachamate brand. The volume of production and sales of Cachay S.A. have grown by 500% since 2005. The company's products are mainly exported to France, Spain, Japan and the United States.

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