Werthein Group

Argentine Business Group



The Werthein Group was founded and consolidated on this industry. The Group currently holds property in the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, Santa Fe, Río Negro and San Luis, and participates in several businesses related to this activity: cattle breeding, beef production, commodities, specialized crops (popcorn) and dried fruit.

Cattle breeding and beef production: The Group manages different production systems, from feedlots and natural grazing, on its four ranches. One of the Group's companies –Gregorio, Noel y Numo Werthein (GNNW)– raises Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Braford and Brangus cattle under its Cabaña La Paz and Cabaña Los Guasunchos brands. These animals have the highest pedigree of any in Argentina and regularly participate in the country's most important rural expos. In recent decades, both brands have won several awards, including the Grand Champions 12 award at the Rural Expo in Palermo. Large parts of these ranches are also dedicated to beef production.

Production of commodities and special crops: the Group produces wheat, soy and corn, and also produces and processes special crops like popcorn and sunflower seeds. The Group is a leader in these segments, producing and exporting its products to several markets around the world under its Banner brand.

Dried fruits: The Group also produces fruit –mostly apple– derivatives at its model plant located in the Valley of Río Negro, and sells its products under its Banner, Valley Evaporating and King Blossom brands.

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